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2005 Honda Odyssey Starter Replace

1 - Autor: jcastle003
Category: Music
Published: 2012-12-30

2005 Honda Odyssey Starter Replace. 12-23-2012. Wife's van wouldn't start. Went through the process of trying to figure out what it could be. Ended up being a bad starter. This job can be done with basic mechanic skills. Not a difficult job, just time consuming (2 to 4 hours). I had to use an impact wrench to take the 17mm bolts off that held the starter.

First major issue with the van up to 95k miles.

Hope this video helps someone out and it will be a good reference for me if I ever have to do this again.
This video was taken on 2012-12-30 by jcastle003.

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[Debby Pedroza] Thank you for sharing... Pretty sure you just empowered me to fix my van myself!
[David Zaffino] Awesome video! My son and I replaced our starter last night. Thanks for the information, it is very thorough. Took us 4-1/2 hours; 3 + hours just removing and replacing the battery tray (Very frustrating!).
[Baxrok2] Extremely nice video. Everything was in focus and very well lit! Good job.
[Adrian Vaughan] Good job, same mileage as our problem, thanks for the help.
[xxMightyTurtlesxx] very helpful! thank you!
[blitzblutz] Thank you so much! It was a huge help knowing that the battery removal and the two bolts on the starter were a pain going into this. Just having that knowledge was comforting to know that my job was normal. The one suggestion I would make is that if you don't have an impact gun (I don't) you can use a regular racket with a 'cheater bar'. I bought a 3/4', galvanized pipe, 24' long from Home Depot for $5.00. It fit over my rachet and it was a snap getting those bolts loose.
[Picturequests] Just replsced a 2003 Odessey Starter, thanks for your tool breakdown. I did not have to remove any coolant hoses. I did not remove the air filter box. I was able to use a breaker bar to loosen the 2 17mm mounting bolts. That very hard to reach rear battery tray bolt is slotted so you just need to loosen it, and wiggle the tray upwards. thank you for your helpful video.
[w1004239] Don't need to remove airbox. Put the car on ramps and loosen the bolts for bottom 2 of battery holder from below the van. Remove the one completely and just loosen the other. Took a little over two hours
[Phil Schilling] Thanks for posting this! Same exact issue on my wifes 05 Odyssey today with same symptoms. You saved me lot's of time. You should have some good karma coming your way for taking the time to post this.
2 - [djtechnics97] Good vid maybe I will replace mine now. I usually just give it a few taps with a stick and hammer I have the same car same prob
[Johnny B.] Thanks a lot of great info!!!
[David Jones] Awesome, thank you so much. My wife also has an '05 Odyssey and hers is doing the same thing. I replaced the battery (it's failed once before) but that didn't help. Turn the key, lights but no action. Just had it towed home tonight and will be working on it tomorrow night. Very good job with the video and it sounds like you really know what you're talking about. Thanks again for your contribution.

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