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How To Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid In A Honda CRV

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Published: 2011-06-18

How To Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid In A Honda CRV. In this video, I demonstrate in detail how to replace automatic transmission fluid in a Honda CRV, processes are basically identical in any 4 cylinder Honda. V6 Honda vehicles have a fill plug under the air box instead of filling them down the dipstick tube. all Honda vehicles use 3L of Honda ATF, do not use multi-vehicle ATF.

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If you are not completely confident on how to do these processes, do not attempt to perform this repair, I am not responsible for problems that may have occurred from following these processes
This video was taken on 2011-06-18 by 6speeddakota ..

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[Thomas Hilborn] Damn good video! Course I'll bounce your instruction against the manual but being a master ACE cert mech myself, I don't see many in-differences. To get a little technical, I agree about draining the cooler and maybe using a torque wrench on the drain plug. I'm not real familiar with these Honda products and have an 03 CRV which we purchased new. Now with 150K on it, the CELs are starting to light like a Christmas tree. First, the catalytic code, then vtec relay, now the green 'D' flash... Thanks and great side/safety notes like the rubber gloves! 
[MrDeadlyDUBS] heres a tip hold it in each gear for 5 seconds when cycling tranny, also check if its a cvt tranny and your honda atf covers the spec. also what you did did'nt change the fluid in the tranny cooler or tranny cooler lines thus resulting in a co-mingling of old and new tranny fluids, therefore you should go to a pro and have them hook up a tranny flush machine to it.
[stewardsproductions] Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video, My wife and I have a 2001 CRV SE and the RPS Jump after the AT shifts into 3rd gear. We replaced the Fluid less than 5,000 miles ago do you think that is a sign of slipping. Sometimes while turning right out of a parking lot the CRV will Jerk us into 1st gear. I'm Sad
[herbielives53] I agree
[6speeddakota .] A transaxle is a transmission with the final drive contained within the transmission. The CRV transmission is also technically a transaxle. So the answer is no, it doesn't matter, it is the exact same thing
[Daniel Minami] Thanks. Awesome job!
[SunliteGuitarist92] I went to my local Orielly's and I had them search up compatible ATF to be used on my Honda 1999 CRV. Their computer gave me Dex/Merc III and I bought a good 5 quart jug of it. I only just now am seeing that some people say to use only Honda ATF. I am low on funds and can't return the fluid. I have researched the topic and it says that Dex/Merc can be just fine to use. What is your take on it? I havent had a tranny flush in the 3-4 years that I've owned it and would REALLY hate to damage it.
[6speeddakota .] That would completely flush all the fluid. I didn't do this for 2 reasons, the customer doesn't want to pay for that much fluid, and the second kind of spawns from the first in that if you change the fluid at the regular maintenance intervals, flushing the fluid is not entirely necessary. There is no doubt that changing the fluid 3 times is best for it, but again, ATF-DW1 is quite pricey. But it's your call though
[malter40] Great advice. I did this myself with ramps and the tools you suggested, thanks for telling the size of the break bar needed. The tech at the auto parts store tried to sell me universal transmission fluid saying it's the same, but I went to Honda and got it instead and followed your advice. Before watching your video, I couldn't even find the transmission stick. There's great satisfaction in doing this myself! Thank you again!!! Keep up the good, helpful work!
2 - [6speeddakota .] I'm glad it worked out for you, you can save tons of money by doing simple maintenance and repairs yourself. Great job for doing this yourself, subscribe to my channel and I have more maintenance and repair videos, such as a rear brake job on the same CRV!
[malter40] Thank you for this!! I am female and not mechanically inclined, husband out of town, this needs to be done.. I will reply with how it goes. You make it seem doable. :)
[1bearingcrusher] no filter?
[6speeddakota .] You can, the I believe that the chevy aveo has a drain plug in the transmission pan. But to replace the internal filter, you have to remove the pan after it's been drained. The filter and pan gasket should come in a kit together. But if you're not worried about the filter, then you can just drain out the transmission and refill it. But on that vehicle you have to have it idling in park to get an accurate fluid reading, so be sure you check the level correctly and do not over or underfill it.
[richardlono1] Good video except, transmission fluid is not radioactive it will not cause organ failure from touching your skin, unless you plan on drinking it.
[whchuang] Really wish someone can post a video for changing transmission oil on a 3rd Gen CRV (2007 - 2011)
[6speeddakota .] I'm touched, lol
[Wagner Maciel] Very informative video. I also watched your rear differential video which also was excellent! Both were well done. I was able to change the transmission fluid without any problems. Next I will change the differential fluid which I already purchased. Thanks a million!!!!
[6speeddakota .] @andres2283 you could try, the tube is very small, there is a fill plug underneath the airbox, look at how to change honda automatic transmission fluid from EricTheCarGuy and he explains the fill plug on the V6 models
[6speeddakota .] @BizzyBoneThaRipsta They should change your transmission fluid, not sure about power steering though, if you have the transmission serviced regularly, you don't need a flush, but if it hasn't been done in forever, and/or you are experiencing shifting problems, you may want to opt for the flush. Obviously they will charge more for that, but they should change transmission fluid, I would ask about power steering, I should make a video on it when I am not so busy

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