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Honda CB 125 K3 Twin 1970

1 - Autor: mofaraider
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2011-09-13

Honda CB 125 K3 Twin 1970. Here is my vintage Honda CB 125 Twin from 1970, its in really great original condition and sounds strong as a big bike =) enjoy
This video was taken on 2011-09-13 by mofaraider.

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[ileko92] This looks and sounds great!
[arteswcrew94] awesome!
[mofaraider] @arteswcrew94 Thanks, its a really enjoyable bike and the people are stunned by the sound it makes. They allways think its a much bigger bike until I tell them that it is only 125cc ^^
[Scootertuner1000] that's when bike, even small ones, were really bikes.
[mofaraider] @TheInsectohoja they are stock but I found out that they are missing something called diffuser. Basically its just a pipe with some holes in it and they go into the hole in the exhaust. Somehow the right trumpet is louder than the left one... I think they might be a little rotten inside but I dont know for sure. Sounds awesome though.
[TheInsectohoja] where did you buy that exhaust?
[starkumpel klein] nice bike i. sound !
[arteswcrew94] @mofaraider ahahaha, that's funny =D i got a cb 125 k3 like yours but i have to restore it and in these days i'm workin' on it. i cant wait to hear its sound!!! i am seventeen so i'm very excited because that's gonna be my first bike, you know =)
[NPMCaptain] WOW ... awesome bike !!! Her color Candy Blue-Green is BEAUTIFUL. Your bike was my dream at that time (i was just a kid). Pull off that support over the rear light and she will be PERFECT. Congrats. I got one CB 350 ... if you wanna take a look, go to my channel. CONGRATS !!! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
2 - [Mr420rush] I been lusting over this bike for a week now..I am trying to buy one :D
[Steven Packwood] Lovely restoration. Had the same bike from brand new in 1971. From memory couple of things seem different to my machine. Don't remember a switch for the lights on headlamp casing thought they were all on the bars ' there was a strange short (75mm) horizontal rear mudflap and not the big round reflector. I had the carrier ' also front ' rear crash bars which did save my leg from damage one time.
[mofaraider] @arteswcrew94 Then you have a great taste in Bikes, its a lovely bike to drive really smooth and easy to handle. Its also my first own *big* bike I am 18 right now ;-)
[mofaraider] Hello Kamiel You can find some parts on Ebay. I Bought 2 new pistons and rings and also valve shaft seals and it wasnt that expensive. If you can get hold of such a bike take it, they are quiet rare. They are also nice to ride, really light and easy. I hope I could help you. Kind regards, Lukas
[82xs1100] Hello Mofaraider, thanks for this great video. I wonder what the value of a machine in this shape would be and if you need any spare parts can you still get some or do you have real big problems if you do? I'm offered one that needs tlc but is in fairly good and original shape but I find very few of them on the internet to compare. I hope you could give me some advice/tips in this matter. Best regards, Kamiel
[mofaraider] Hi, it is actually in original unrestored condition. They have changed Details on the bike nearly every year so a 1970 might be totaly different to a 71. Best regards :-)

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