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Honda Gl1800 Goldwing 'Turbo Charged !'

1 - Autor: 1800turbotech
Category: People & Blogs
Published: 2010-09-18

Honda Gl1800 Goldwing 'Turbo Charged !'. Created on September 17, 2010 using FlipShare.
This video was taken on 2010-09-18 by 1800turbotech.

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[Matt Peiffer] How's the lag?
[captainengland] I can't see any Gas inside.want a Match..
[Mikes1800] That's quite a setup. Very cool.
[red1100cc] the busa eater,,lol that is a really nice setup.
[sibarra88] very cool bike fast and comfortable but have you thought of taking it to the next level with another turbo?
[Jesse W] i vote for open pipes.....dont be a it
[benlyons83] Can you please inbox me the price of this set up? Thanks..
[George Parker] June 2013,,,,I just changed my first car tire after 104,000 kilometers (more then 60,000 miles) I'm sure I could still get this summer out of it if I really wanted to I also just got back from an 11,500 kilometer trip in 19 days with a friend of mine who rides a 2012 wing, the fuel economy difference between his new bike and my 2006 turbo was amazing We generally filled up at 1/3 tank, at higher speeds 80 mph+ my turbo Wing consistently used 1/2 gallon less then his new 2012 wing
[George Parker] @sibarra88 No extra turbo needed …. The T 28 ball bearing Garrett turbo is capable of as much as 360 hp on an 1800 cc engine I wanted this to be fast and reliable so once I have completed the full dyno tune up it should be around 188 hp and 230 ft lbs of torque at 8 psi. That should be more then impressive, I show only up to 4 psi in these videos
2 - [George Parker] Yes I tried out a run flat all season car tire when I put the bike back on the road after installing the turbo, I put on over 60,000 kilometers on both the tire and turbo and the tire still has another 12 to 15 thousand k left on it, I honestly don’t even know its there while riding, It performs very nicely and seems to last forever
[mairon meteus Reis] parabens (y)
[MotorsbyShooter] Cool beans...I need to look into this turbo stuff for my 08 wing. I am also a Dark Sider...running a Kumho 195-55-16RF and I love it. Handles great.
[MrLostcause1983] That is a beautiful bike!!!!
[George Parker] Well its not designed a race bike, Its just a potent luxurious cursing machine The boost is designed for mid range and top end so there is little to no boost lag noticeable, what you do feel is the 230 lbs of torque,,,,,,awesome!!!! :)
[Walter Strong] As opposed to your standard motorcycle tire that lasts about 5000 mi.!
[Tristan Duff] There's not a sportbike rider on the planet that would expect that. Well done.
[Malte Loman] sir, that is a two seated two wheeled car

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