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2013 Honda Civic Sedan Rear Speakers Install

1 - Autor: Luis Garcia
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2013-03-06

2013 Honda Civic Sedan Rear Speakers Install. Installation instructions on 2013 honda civic sedan rear deck speakers.
2013 honda civic sedan with iPad as head unit 6.5 Polk dxi6500 components front and dxi650 two way rear. Two kicker solo classics in sealed box and mtx jackhammer 600.1 2ohm amp. 3.5 cap with 4 gauge wiring with monster cable rca's.
This video was taken on 2013-03-06 by Luis Garcia.

3 -


[oscar lopez] Does this will avoid th
[oscar lopez] Will this void the warranty of your car?
[TyranexRex] i havent seen a definitive answer online anywhere, but for the 2013 civic EX are all the speakers in the car 6.5'
[Luis Garcia] That's what I heard online as well but I don't notice it I did fade the sound 2 to the rear. It's been about 30 days now and the sound is amazing even with the stock stereo. I can't put it past 30 because the sound is crazy loud.
[TonysXmachine] Is it worth putting in the rear speakers? Cause I've heard they dumbed down the rear ones?
[Luis Garcia] The fronts fit good just drilled new holes for the screws. The rear it's fit just not flush. I was only able to drill 2 holes because of the window but its fine because there is no rattle.
[Luis Garcia] This car is the lx I didn't want the premium sound system or get the alloy wheels. I already upgraded the wheels with 17 civic si wheels. The only thing that I wanted about the ex was the sunroof but couldn't justify the 2000 dollar difference. The speakers I bought for the car both front and back are 6.5 but it says you can go with 5.25. The fronts don't have holes for the speakers so you have to make holes with a drill.
[Luis Garcia] Both 5 1/4 and 6.5 will fit. Both front and rear stock speakers are identical.
[TheSchlippsters] what about the LX?
2 - [Luis Garcia] Without clotting out the panel I don't think so. The 6.5s barely fit.
[thusiyanthan guna] thanks my dear friend. i want to know more details. ur vedio is too dark i dont understand. if u make new vedio more help full. thanks. im waiting for ur answer. thanks.
[ELKOBRA03] Any possible way to fit 6x9 on rear? I have a 2012 si

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