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Honda Accord Engine Misfire And Ignition Coil Diagnose.

1 - Autor: Michael Thornberry
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2012-02-19

Honda Accord Engine Misfire And Ignition Coil Diagnose.. How to diagnose a bad ignition coil on plug that's causing a misfire. There can be many different causes of misfires, such as ecm, injectors, low fuel pressure, vaccum leaks, etc. The coils are a good place to start with, they're easy to swap and they lead you to the cylinder that is misfiring. If after you swap the coils and the misfire stays at the same cylinder, then you need to look at the other possible causes.
This video was taken on 2012-02-19 by Michael Thornberry.

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[stewardsproductions] WOW I bet this is what is wrong with my 2005 Honda Odyssey EXL iVtech 
[Allacra] Wow! This is so simple! I'll try it when I get home. :-)
[Brandy Kinney] You just helped me fix what 5 different mechanics couldn't figure out! Thanks!
[shimanchunutakara] Thanks alot!
[wingman358] great video
[Hassanalberta Hassanalberta] Thank you so much ........
[Ajax Cavazos] Great Video! Step by step and very thorough. 
[Farman Shaikh] excellent video!
[Darren Beckford] Thank you so much for this video. I was finally able to solve this issue on my car. Now time to get it smogged and pay my registration! Thanks again!!
2 - [Ebuka Eze] Hello Mike..thanks for your video. I have a 06 v6 accord and all the cylinders are misfiring and my check engine light blinks..just like in the video, but the more problem is that it also have a rich mixture (excess gas consumption) . How do I fix it please, I took it dealership and they charged me almost $750 n it's still misfiring. Please I need a clue. Thanks. 
[vlado4] Awesome video. Followed the instructions and it worked in 10 minutes. Thanks so much!
[Vickiy Few] ignition coil change
[Robert Dobbs] thanks michael, great video. I have one question though. the grommet thats attached to the end of the coil is stuck around the spark plug, on all 6 plugs. how do i get the rubber piece out so I can remove the spark plugs. thanks
[Jason Transon] Man i need help plz im losing my mind. Ok first off, i went to start my car it would crank then cut right off. I crank it again while giving a little throttle and i would stay on but its a rough idle. The check engine light will start to flash then maybe about 5-7 minutes later everthing goes bacc to normal, no misfiring , no stalling no nothing everything is smooth. 
[Whodini3000] very very helpful
[Guy] Great video.
[Drew Rittenhouse] Michael thornberry what if my car is showing all these signs.( CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, AND ALL THE CODES.) Did your checks and thank you by the way, but all of the coils made it miss. WHAT do I do next ?????? PLease ReSpoNd thank you
[auto repair] Great video. it helped me solve my wife's accord problem thanks Jeff
[Rodneydncn] I just want to thank you for this video. The problem I was having was absolutely identical to the vehicle in this video, it was even the same coil misfiring lol. When I swapped out the position of the coils though the coil suddenly worked. Gonna drive it for a while and see if the coil goes bad or if I just had a loose/bad connection. Thanks again man!!! You're a life saver!!!

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