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Honda Accord Engine Misfire And Ignition Coil Diagnose.

1 - Autor: Michael Thornberry
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2012-02-19

Honda Accord Engine Misfire And Ignition Coil Diagnose.. How to diagnose a bad ignition coil on plug that's causing a misfire. There can be many different causes of misfires, such as ecm, injectors, low fuel pressure, vaccum leaks, etc. The coils are a good place to start with, they're easy to swap and they lead you to the cylinder that is misfiring. If after you swap the coils and the misfire stays at the same cylinder, then you need to look at the other possible causes.
This video was taken on 2012-02-19 by Michael Thornberry.

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[stewardsproductions] WOW I bet this is what is wrong with my 2005 Honda Odyssey EXL iVtech 
[shimanchunutakara] Thanks alot!
[Darren Beckford] Thank you so much for this video. I was finally able to solve this issue on my car. Now time to get it smogged and pay my registration! Thanks again!!
[wingman358] great video
[Ajax Cavazos] Great Video! Step by step and very thorough. 
[Whodini3000] very very helpful
[Brandy Kinney] You just helped me fix what 5 different mechanics couldn't figure out! Thanks!
[Guy] Great video.
[Robert Dobbs] thanks michael, great video. I have one question though. the grommet thats attached to the end of the coil is stuck around the spark plug, on all 6 plugs. how do i get the rubber piece out so I can remove the spark plugs. thanks
2 - [Drew Rittenhouse] Michael thornberry what if my car is showing all these signs.( CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, AND ALL THE CODES.) Did your checks and thank you by the way, but all of the coils made it miss. WHAT do I do next ?????? PLease ReSpoNd thank you
[shin888] I had a P0301 and P0302 misfire codes on my 2000 Odyssey. I used your method and found that it was cylinder one's coil that wasn't working. I replaced the faulty coil, unplugged battery to clear CEL, and now it's running as before. Thanks for making the video!
[MASTERNCS] OBD scanning is a great innovation to the automotive industry but nothing beats good old fashion static testing. What a great tutorial video. I just diagnosed my brothers V6 and sure enough the coil was the culprit. Thanks for sharing.
[Steven Balta] Hello there Mike! I was just wondering what symptoms were occuring while the ignition coil was bad? My car is stalling, backfiring out of the throttle body, rough idling. I can't even rev the car up or there will be a loud screech and smoke will come out of the throttle body. Thanks and hope to hear from you or anybody!
[Key Jay] Could i do the same with a 97 accord? just move the coils around ?
[stratoadimus] Thanks you just saved me over a 1000$!
[703me] Your vid was very helpful thanks
[victor] i have a honda civic lx 07 and it loses all the power when is step on the gas and the engine light is fashing. non of the coil plugs make a difference . i changed all sparkplugs and it still has the same problem. any suggestions??
[Michael Thornberry] Yes you can if they are coil on plug and not a distributor set up.
[danbacci] Thanks Michael, shop quote my girlfriend 700 for repairs and said 4 coils were out. I tested with your method and found 1 coil was bad so it ended up costing 50-60 after I changed one coil and a few spark plugs. As you wrote my symptoms were: *Rough idle / engine shakes as it runs *lack of power *flashing check engine light Thanks again!

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