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Honda Life | 2013 Honda Cr V First Oil Change?

Honda Life | 2013 honda cr v first oil change?
Asked by Baiqin on 2013-05-08
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2013 honda cr v first oil change?

I am a new car owner, and i don't know when should i have the first oil change for my honda crv 2013 it has 7000 and more miles right now.

Shurrie BurrieAnswer by Shurrie Burrie
Most cars need their oil changed every 3,000 miles. The exact type of oil and your car's recommendation will be found in your owner's manual. It will also give you a diagram to show you were your oil is located, so that you can check it periodically. Get your Honda an oil change ASAP! If you haven't had one at all, and you've got 7,000 miles, you are lucky nothing bad has happened!!

BrianAnswer by Brian
Follow the recommended intervals in your owners manual. Many Honda's have an oil life monitor. If. Your car has one, change your oil when reaches 10%. The need for 3000 mile oil changes is no longer valid in most cars.

1000 Man EmbassyAnswer by 1000 Man Embassy
That's about the limmit. Get ti change at the dealer Right Away. with the synthetic oils these, days i reccomend evey 5k miles. you can go as long as 7, but that's pushing it.

Kp ThedaneAnswer by Kp Thedane
Conventional 3000 miles Synthetic Oil 5000 miles you can probably drive 2x that on the same oil. But I wouldn't recommend it.