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Honda Civic | When Do 2014 Hondas Come Out?

Honda Civic | When do 2014 Hondas come out?
Asked by Undertaker on 2013-04-29
Category: Buying & Selling.
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When do 2014 Hondas come out?

Specifically the fit and civic. and please no fall or winter 2013 answers. I would like specific months and days if possible. Thanks everyone. Reason I ask is cuz ill need a new car soon and just want to know whether I should just buy a 2013 model or wait for a 2014. the 2013 honda fit came out July 2012 so if the 2014 models come out in a few months I might wait but if its like a year then ill get a 2013 one.

NobitaAnswer by Nobita
In 2014 of course..... 21st October 2014..... :)

Dave PAnswer by Dave P
When I worked at a dealership the new cars would come in about late september. Usually after a big inventory reduction sale.

DesignergenesAnswer by Designergenes
Many new cars come out in September of the year BEFORE their "model year" - for 2014 models, that would be in September of 2013. However, there is no rule and at times automakers put out their new models much earlier than that ... or much later. I've also seen automakers put out 20xx-1/ 2 models. We are still waiting for Porsche's 2013 911 Turbo model. It might be a 2014 when it gets here. Porsche, and not some rule or law, will decide that.

Willie shefferAnswer by Willie sheffer
2014 duh october 24th

Stupid FlandersAnswer by Stupid Flanders
The 2013 Civics literally just came out at the end of February, 2013. Honda does not announce this information until later in the year, so there is no correct answer to your question if a 'ballpark' is not acceptable to you.